SOLVING HOMELESSNESS: A Community Workshop, January 25

Across the Bay Area, cynicism about the problem of mass homelessness has infected both the press and public. Residents are exposed daily to stories about hopeless individuals, broken systems, ineffective policing and sums of money that never seems to go far enough.

Can we do better? Yes – through listening, learning, conversation and follow-up.

On Jan. 25, 2018, the San Francisco Public Press will host a one-day symposium and workshop that will explore bold and creative ideas to solve homelessness in the Bay Area. The morning session will include a panel discussion on the current state of homelessness, an analysis of homelessness reporting and testimonials of individuals experiencing homelessness. In the afternoon, solution ideas will be presented, followed by facilitated workshops that will inspire collaboration and brainstorming and guide analysis and trouble-shooting. All of the day’s activities will be documented and reported by a team of journalists assigned to cover the event and the ideas generated by participants.

Do you have a solution that you would like to present? Submit your idea.

Ticket price includes breakfast, lunch, evening reception and a one-year Newsie Membership to the San Francisco Public Press.

A limited number of sponsored tickets are available. If you need to request a sponsored (free) ticket, please contact Daphne Magnawa at outreach[at]

Detailed agenda will be published as speaker schedules are confirmed.

This event is co-sponsored by Renaissance Journalism (Bay Area Media Collaborative) and The San Francisco Foundation.

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