Our Purpose

We believe great journalism can change the world in extraordinary ways.

The technology revolution offers unparalleled opportunities for journalists to transform media into powerful tools that advance equity, give voice to the voiceless, illuminate injustice, and move people to action.

It is this vision of journalism—as a vital source of education, engagement and empowerment—that drives us to experiment with bold, fresh approaches to news and storytelling.

And to push journalists to produce work that makes a difference.



We create and launch strategic initiatives that support journalists and their news organizations to produce ambitious, in-depth and compelling stories that reveal and illuminate social injustice and inequity.

Each initiative inspires journalists to expand—and to even rethink—their reporting and storytelling practices and how they frame complex issues.

Through intensive training conferences, coaching and regenerative storytelling retreats, journalists are encouraged to go beyond the formulaic and the status quo when tackling difficult social problems, such as poverty, equity and racism. In short, we help to reshape the way journalists think about, and report on, the critical stories of our time.

We engage a diverse range of journalists—from youth storytellers to veteran journalists, from major news outlets to ethnic media to grassroots nonprofits.

Leveraging the impact of journalism is critical to every project we tackle. Key to our success is forging dynamic and strategic partnerships among news organizations, foundations, academia and nonprofits. And, through social media, our website and community engagement efforts, we seek to broaden the reach and impact of the journalists’ work.



Since its inception six years ago, the Renaissance Journalism and Storytelling Center has focused on a range of critical social justice issues, such as educational equity, the enduring legacy of Agent Orange contamination in Vietnam, and the fiscal crisis in Detroit and Michigan.

Among our accomplishments:



Renaissance Journalism operates as a nonprofit, fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives, which is based at 1000 Broadway, Suite 480, Oakland, CA 94607.