The constant thrum of violence in Oakland, California’s poorest neighborhoods puts kids at a disadvantage in school, even before they walk in the door.

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Rural Majority

In Kansas and throughout the nation, rural schools are facing big challenges.

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A behind-the-scenes look at one troubled school’s struggle to improve.

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Bilingual Education in the South: It Is Happening, Even Here

Innovative dual-language schools are taking root in the South, but big challenges still loom to meet the needs of English learners.

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The Equity Reporting Project

The Equity Reporting Project: Restoring the Promise of Education is a groundbreaking initiative
to stimulate in-depth reporting on the “opportunity gap.” This growing disparity in access to educational resources and opportunities has resulted in an unequal education system that unfairly shortchanges
the futures of millions of low-income, minority and immigrant children.

Scant attention has been paid to this troubling divide. And even less to its complex root causes: poverty,
the ever-widening wealth gap, housing and school segregation, or the vanishing middle class, to name a few.

Renaissance Journalism’s ambitious project shines a spotlight on the systemic roots and profound impact of
educational inequity, sparking public awareness and support for workable solutions
to one of our nation’s most pressing problems.

This project was funded by grants from the Ford Foundation.