Purpose & Passion Retreats

About Our Storytelling Retreats

Whether you are a journalist, a storyteller or a community leader, what drives your commitment to promoting social change?

What inspires you?

How do you sustain your sense of calling in the face of the everyday stresses of your job and your life?

These are just some of the questions you ponder at Purpose & Passion, our unique storytelling retreats. Renaissance Journalism offers the program for small groups of journalists and other leaders who tackle some of society’s most difficult social justice issues. These are no business-as-usual gatherings. Our retreats provide you with the rare opportunity to get away from your workaday life, which often is overflowing with deadlines, competing demands and stress. Instead, you are given the time and space to reflect on what truly matters to you—professionally and personally—and to reconnect with your passions and to clarify your personal values and sense of mission. Renaissance Journalism calls these storytelling retreats because we combine the practices of dialogue, reflection and personal storytelling to help you achieve these objectives.

We have conducted Purpose & Passion for in the past for both journalists and social justice leaders. Journalists attending our inaugural retreat said they felt inspired, refreshed and better equipped to tackle the tough, sometime traumatic, stories they cover every day, year after year.“It is so rare to be able to connect with colleagues in this field in such a personal human way,” wrote one retreat participant.

Read about our inaugural retreat.

If your group is interested in Purpose & Passion, please contact Renaissance Journalism at info@renjournalism.org.