Renaissance Journalism’s Guide: “Housing Reporting Rx” (February 2020)

Housing Reporting Rx: A Journalist’s Guide to Covering the Housing Crisis

Trainer Presentations from LearningLAB 2013 Conference

Reports, Studies and Essays on Journalism, Multimedia Storytelling and the Media

  • Evaluation of the Chicago Local Reporting Awards Initiative
    By Coats2Coats, Janet Coats, Chief Executive Officer
    A project of Community News MattersHealth care reform, youth violence, environmental health and the drug war: How do they affect low-income residents of Chicago’s south and west sides? This report assesses the effectiveness of the Local Reporting Awards Initiative, an innovative project that offered grants to journalists, bloggers, grassroots organizations and policy groups to produce high-quality news coverage about important issues affecting Chicago’s underserved neighborhoods. Among the results: impactful, relevant coverage and the infusion of new voices and perspectives in news coverage.
  • Learning to Fish
    How the Challenge Fund for Journalism Helped a Set of Nonprofit Media Organizations Strengthen their Capacity to Generate Revenues
    Authored by TCC Group
    Funded by the Ethics & Excellence Journalism Foundation, Ford Foundation, Knight Foundation and McCormick FoundationLaunched in 2003, the Challenge Fund for Journalism helped a range of nonprofit journalism organizations build their organizational and fund development capacities so that they could adapt to these turbulent times. The report offers insights into what was most helpful to participating organizations, and it demonstrates that foundations can create smart programs to help journalism and media organizations to improve their ability to raise funds and develop business plans.
  • Questions to Ask About a Career and a Calling
    By Jon Funabiki
    In this report on the International Dialogue for Thought Leaders in Journalism, a group of accomplished journalists talk frankly about their core values; coping with daunting workplace problems; and mustering the courage to tackle professional problems and personal demons.
  • Online Journalism Enterprises: From Startup to Sustainability
    By Jon Funabiki and Nancy Yoshihara
    This Renaissance Journalism study, funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, sought to identify the business-side challenges many entrepreneurs are facing as they maintain and grow online news sites.
  • What Am I For?
    By Jon Funabiki
    In these tumultuous times for the media, a group of accomplished journalists and filmmakers dig deep and reflect on what their work—their calling—means to them.