Watch Our Video of SF Public Press’s “Solving Homelessness: A Community Workshop”

More than 200 people participated in San Francisco Public Press’s one-day symposium and workshop that explored bold and creative ideas to solve homelessness in the Bay Area. The event, “Solving Homelessness: A Community Workshop,” was held on Jan. 25 at the Impact Hub in San Francisco’s Mission District. Participants included local residents, policy makers, housing advocates, architects and city planners, and homeless men and women.

The morning session included a panel discussion on the current state of homelessness, an analysis of homelessness reporting and testimonials of individuals experiencing homelessness. In the afternoon, solution ideas were presented, followed by facilitated workshops that were designed to inspire collaboration and brainstorming and guide analysis and trouble-shooting.

Read more about the event here.

“Solving Homelessness: A Community Workshop” was co-sponsored by Renaissance Journalism as part of its Bay Area Media Collaborative initiative.