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Bay Area Journalists to Host Mealtime Conversations About Housing Challenges

Renaissance Journalism is inviting journalists to participate in On The Table, a day of community building through conversation sponsored by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation on Wednesday, November 15. To participate, journalists will agree to host and organize a small-group mealtime discussion about the region’s housing challenges and possible solutions.

Journalists and Residents to Engage in Conversations About Housing Crisis

As part of our latest initiative, the Bay Area Media Collaborative, Renaissance Journalism is convening unique, Bay Area-wide conversations to help journalists and community residents exchange their views about the region’s housing crisis.

The effort will be organized by Spaceship Media, a nonprofit organization founded by two veteran reporters, which encourages respectful and journalism-supported dialogue to bridge divides and build trust between the media and the public.

Detroit Journalism Cooperative Tackles Race, Poverty and Power

Journalists from nine news outlets in Detroit have joined forces to tackle the trenchant issues of race, poverty and power that continue to hobble that city’s climb out of bankruptcy.

Launched last week, the ambitious, seven-part series will continue with in-depth investigations and special reports contributed by journalists in a unique multiracial media collaboration called the Detroit Journalism Cooperative (DJC), which Renaissance Journalism helped to organize more than two years ago.