We’re Launching a New Website!

Welcome to our redesigned website, complete with a beautiful, new logo. The site’s bright and easy-to-navigate interface is designed to make it faster and more enjoyable for you to learn about our programs; stay abreast of our latest news and events; discover cutting-edge research and studies; and participate in the public conversation about journalism’s ever-changing landscape.

What’s New?

  • We changed our name by dropping the word “Center.” We think Renaissance Journalism more accurately captures the spirit of experimentation and innovation that is at the heart of our work to reimagine the media as a source of empowerment for underserved communities.
  • A new url. Look for us at www.renjournaldev.wpengine.com.
  • A new blog called “Media Matters” by Jon Funabiki, Renaissance Journalism’s executive director, who weaves together insights from a career that spans journalism, philanthropy and academia.
  • Bay Area Ethnic & Community Media Map: By using the results from a Renaissance Journalism survey, we’ve charted the more than 150 ethnic and community media organizations in the Bay Area. You can narrow down your search by primary language or search by a news outlet’s name.
  • Resources page, where we’ll be posting studies, research and writings on media innovations—from Renaissance Journalism and other journalism and media organizations—as well as links to many of our partners’ and collaborators’ websites.

Let Us Know What You Think

We’d appreciate your feedback as to how we can improve our website. Please send your suggestions to info@renjournalism.org.

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