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Launch of New Initiative on the Educational “Opportunity Gap”

Beginning with a cohort of 11 reporters from the West Coast, Renaissance Journalism is launching a two-year national initiative that will examine the educational “opportunity gap.” The Equity Reporting Project: Restoring the Promise of Education is designed to stimulate compelling, in-depth reporting and robust community engagement on a problem that is becoming ever more critical as the economic divide between rich and poor expands in the United States.

News Blitz Launched on Michigan’s Financial Turmoil

Renaissance Journalism has played a key role in organizing a bold, collaborative effort by nine news organizations to provide ongoing coverage of the financial crisis that has engulfed the city of Detroit and other public agencies in Michigan.

An “investment tip” for journalism funders

Psst! Wanna a hot tip? Journalism funders, this one’s for you because it is the story of "The Challenge Fund for Journalism," a seven-year effort that helped 53 nonprofit journalism groups learn to adapt to the plunging economy, strengthen their organizations and raise money.