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Redefining success in American education

When education reporter Kristina Rizga first swept through the double doors at San Francisco’s Mission High School in 2009, she fully expected to see the telltale signs of failure and despair. After all, three-quarters of its students came from poor families, and 38 percent were English language learners from more than 40 countries. They had posted some of the worst test scores in the nation, making Mission High a prime candidate for major restructuring or even closure. But Rizga discovered something entirely different. Despite these great odds, the students were not only learning, but thriving.

Panel Explores What Works in Education

Join Kristina Rizga, Mother Jones' education reporter and the author of Mission High, for an engaging conversation with two award-winning San Francisco teachers, Pirette McKamey and Robert Roth, who have been successfully closing achievement gaps in their classrooms for 28 years. The panel will explore how these remarkable educators developed anti-racist approaches to teaching, built personalized classrooms, and helped other teachers to improve their craft.