Facts alone won’t redeem journalists baffled by Trump supporters

These are Trumpling times for journalists in America. They failed to detect the extent of candidate Donald J.Trump’s appeal to voters, and so they utterly miscalled last November’s presidential election. They have been trampled over by a combative and unpredictable President Trump and his lieutenants, who castigate the news media as “dishonest” liars, “opposition” conspirators and “a failing pile of garbage.” And they are befuddled by the fact that many people don’t care about facts and seem more willing to accept “alternative facts” and fake news. So how do journalists respond?

‘Court School’ students are virtually ignored in push for educational equity

Journalists in our Equity Reporting Project have examined a diverse range of issues that are shortchanging students of quality educational experiences, but one group stands out as particularly overlooked: students in so-called “court schools.” Describing them as a “captive audience,” a team from San Francisco-based New America Media reports that with few exceptions, local and national educational reform efforts have virtually failed to address the needs of youth attending schools within juvenile justice facilities.

Grooming young storytellers for the Imperial Valley

Ten high school students fled the Imperial Valley's desert heat to spend a week in the cooling fog at San Francisco State University for a crash course in storytelling and video production. They capped the experience with an emotional graduation ceremony that their families and friends—600 miles away—could watch live through the magic of the Internet.