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Renaissance Journalism announces executive leadership transition

Renaissance Journalism announced today a leadership change with the retirement of Founder Jon Funabiki and the selection of Deputy Director Valerie Bush to succeed him as the organization’s executive director.

“With ambitious plans for growth in the wings, it is the perfect time for this transition and Valerie is the ideal person to take the organization’s helm,” said Funabiki. “She has the combination of experience, skills and talents to guide Renaissance Journalism to its next stage of development.

Renaissance Journalism awards $80,000 in reporting grants as part of its “Equity & Health Reporting Initiative”

Renaissance Journalism is pleased to announce it has awarded $80,000 in reporting grants to four Bay Area news organizations as part of its Equity and Health Reporting Initiative.

Each organization will receive a $20,000 grant for an in-depth, ambitious reporting project that explores the disproportionate impact of systemic inequities—as exposed in bold relief by the pandemic and Black Lives Matter uprisings—on the health and well-being of our region’s most vulnerable communities. Projects will be completed by May 2021.

Introducing “The Launchpad Report,” an exploration of the key challenges facing emerging journalists today

Renaissance Journalism is excited to announce the publication of “The LaunchPad Report,” our recent research inquiry into the myriad professional, personal and systemic challenges facing many young, entry-level journalists as they seek to find meaningful employment, pursue their reporting interests, and establish themselves within the news industry.

“Perhaps now more than ever, the news industry is at risk of losing one of its greatest assets: the next generation of journalists who are passionate about social justice and equity journalism,” said Jon Funabiki, executive director of Renaissance Journalism.